Sunday, July 22, 2012

A bit of this and a bit of that

"I should write that down" often passes through me but never makes it to my fingertips. My mind and life move too fast, I suppose....or at least that sounds like a good excuse. But as I sit here on the back porch in the darkness of the night with the crickets and cicadas cheering me on, I'll attempt to write my current disjointed thoughts....

I love our new abode & 'hood. My mama soul is comforted by the neighbor kids already starting to bond with my own, the house is so "me" and definitely more manageable, and I feel eternally blessed to have the kindest people next door & across the street & down the way & a few blocks over. After a short 3 weeks I sense good friendships taking root.  

A mere hour ago I sold our old patio furniture set and helped load in on a young man's truck but I instantly forgot, coming out armed with my computer & wine & a glass of water only to discover an empty space. So here I sit on the wooden floor.

I've been shopping online way too much. I'm not a shopper, by nature, but a new home beckons new bling. When I purchase them all at once, though, it feels decadent. And yet I'm excited to set up all the beds, put together the new patio set & hang the porch swing.

Today I dropped off my first born at camp and am unsure of the ease in which I can hand her over to a group of teenage counselors & camp staff. I have no sense of fear, no melancholy & no pit in my stomach like many of the other parents. All I feel is joy that her life is filled with new experiences & new friends & that she's free to grow & live out from under my wings in her own confidence & youth. I'll go with my gut on this one & try not to work up any tears. 

I quite like not having central air. Window units are old fashioned zoned cooling systems. 

If I hadn't promised myself to give these dreadlocks a year to mature, they'd be gone by now. In this season of tank tops, they scratch the skin on my neck & back and I can barely tolerate them. These ropes are tied up at all times. Six more months to go.

Facebook is starting to bore me. After taking a break for vacation & then to move, I can't seem to jump back in with any vigor. Again, going with my gut & not forcing anything. 

I'm now off the wooden porch & back inside enjoying the comfort of my mattress on the floor & have two sleeping beauties by my side. It's truly amazing how life ends up in places you never imagined. 

Thoughts. Occasionally deep. Mostly shallow. Trying to embrace the lighter side of life.

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