Wednesday, December 21, 2011

That sacred December day

You were "due" Dec. 10 but I was hoping for earlier, as most pregnant mamas. Not only was I ready to meet you but I wasn't thrilled about your birthday being so close to Christmas. Alas, 12/10 came & went without much ado & my belly continued to shine. As a matter of fact, the more one goes past her due date, the more the pregnant belly becomes a celebrity, of sorts. You received quite a bit of attention those last few weeks. I so enjoyed standing in the checkout line at the grocery store and the clerk would ask, "When's your baby due?" "3 days ago." An eyebrow would raise & I would be given a word of encouragement as I was handed my bag of groceries. As time passed, my answer became more shocking. "8 days ago." "9 days ago." I imagine a few people hoped I'd leave their presence lest I drop you that very moment. Thankfully that didn't happen.

I'd had such a beautiful birth with your big sis and was confident you & I would accomplish the same but the silly date thing started getting in the way. I asked the midwife how long they would let me go past our EDD before discussing induction & sadly, 2 weeks was the absolute max. At 41 weeks they wanted to do some testing to make sure you were ok in there & I prayed the entire time that my fluid levels were ok & that your little heart was galloping, galloping. Yes! I was sent home relieved but nervous, all at the same time. I did NOT want to be induced. I knew you would come when you were ready but was I prepared to fight? Thankfully it didn't resort to that.

On Dec. 21 I awoke feeling a little "off" but Grandma & Grandpa were coming to visit with cousin Dominic so I got up & started the day. They showed up very early, around 8am, and by that time I was having quite a bit of GI distress so I called the midwife to let her know. She was at the hospital & asked that I come for a quick check so Daddy & I left Simone with Grandma & Grandpa and headed out. 

When we arrived at the hospital, the midwife, Shirley, asked me a handful of questions & wanted to check my cervix before making any decisions. All seemed fine & dandy, no reported contractions, feeling you move in my belly, no fever, etc, etc. But..... I was dilated to 4cm. At that point they hooked me to the fetal monitor & apparently I was indeed have regular contractions. No one was going home without a baby! We have a photo around here somewhere of me lying on the gurney, strapped down with monitors, smiling & talking on the phone. I was calling Nana to let her know the news because she was hoping to come from Wisconsin to see your entrance. She didn't quite make it, though.....

We were admitted but I still wasn't feeling so much as a twinge. I'm not sure when the action started but it definitely came on fast & furious. I believe Tia was there at that point (and Auntie Heather arrived soon thereafter) and all I remember is pacing the room, naked. Tia & Shirley tried to keep a sheet draped over me but I couldn't have cared less about modesty. I paced, I squatted, I lay in modified child's pose which felt oh so comforting. It couldn't have been more than an hour before I started having mild urges to push so Shirley checked me again & sure enough, I was ready....we were ready.

I attempted a few pushes in the bed before realizing it wasn't working so the birth stool was brought in. With Daddy behind me, I welcomed the surges of your little body & soul coming out to meet us. At 12:30pm, you slid out & I grabbed your sweet slipperiness to my chest. We did it! 

As you read this, I pray you're moving through life as confidently as you came to us that sacred day. And I pray you're continuing to smile & laugh as much as you did those first few precious months that followed! 


  1. We are grateful for you, Kaiya!! Beautiful, Stephanie!

  2. Thank you for reading! Birth days will never be forgotten, will they? She truly is amazing.