Monday, November 21, 2011

Simply run

In 2009 I did a sprint triathlon.  Nothing miraculous but it took consistent training and learning and growth on my part. Since then I've only done one other race (an 8K crazy snowy trail run) and if I've run 10 times since then, I'd be surprised. No swimming. Casual biking. What's my deal??

Go big or go home. That's my deal. I have trouble setting small goals and anything short of a marathon seems unworthy. Thankfully I'm starting to be realistic with myself and have decided to run a handful of 5Ks until I feel ready for something more.....and if I never feel ready for anything more, that's perfectly ok.

Immediately after I close this computer, I'm donning my running gear & heading to the treadmill. I wish I could run outside because indoor workouts zombify me but the 3 young kids wouldn't appreciate a mama disappearance act.

Here I go......

P.S. This post is an act of accountability.  Please hold me to it!

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