Thursday, October 27, 2011


When did I lose my eagerness for the simple things? As I watch my children, I'm always amazed by their energy & zest for life. They race to the cabinet to get the oatmeal for breakfast, they skip to the mailbox to meet the mail carrier, they fight over who gets to bring up the next gallon of milk from the basement fridge and my son was just belting out Do Re Mi while sitting on the toilet. Their little souls are constantly forming fun out of function.

Somewhere deep inside, I remember that.

So what would that look like in my present life if I were to reclaim that eagerness? Let's imagine, for a moment.......

At 7am I roll over & realize it's morning. MORNING! I jump out of bed & head downstairs. Tea, tea, I must have tea! As I boil water & fill the French press with a variety of scrumptious herbs I can't help but inhale deeply & take in the aroma. Ahhhh. I saunter over to my iPhone & plug in some of my favorite music. The kids are all awake & begging for food so I sing them a song while tossing fruits & greens into the blender for our morning smoothie.

After I clean the kitchen with a radiant smile, I head upstairs to get ready for the day. "C'mon kiddos. Let's race!" At the top, we roll around on the landing laughing before I head into my room to get dressed & brush my teeth. I hum a few bars of Do Re Mi as I floss and stick my tongue out at myself in the mirror. Time to pack a lunch & head out!

Ok, I could continue, but I think we all get the gist. And to be honest, what I just wrote doesn't sound half bad. I could actually do that! Some of it I do.....sometimes, but definitely not often enough. Life's mundane tasks usually bore me to tears & I grumble through them, thinking the after-moment will be filled with joy. But guess what? It's usually not. More quotidian tasks, little laughter & continued expectation of coming joy. This won't do.

As a commitment to myself & my family, I embrace the moment, the beauty of the stainless steel bowls on the counter, leftover from lunch in need of cleaning. I treasure the time sitting on the living room floor, sorting & folding laundry. I inhale the smell of dirty children after a long day, knowing they all need showers & I willingly postpone my glass of wine & race upstairs to scrub their little scalps while we sing & sing & sing.

I welcome the eagerness back into my life.

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