Sunday, October 16, 2011

Calendar woes

Do you ever look at your calendar and hear the theme music to The Twilight Zone? I flip open my laptop & click on the calendar icon, fearing the vision before my eyes. The cluttered, colorful, chaotic vision of appointments and commitments and fun times for our humble tribe of five......

 October Mania
I have a tendency to over-schedule because everything seems so worthy of my time and if you know me, you know that I love being with people. I also have 3 homeschooled kids who keep me running with their individual social lives and activities. There is rarely a day when I don't enjoy our shenanigans but there must be a middle point, a balance, to the everyday time we spend away from this place we call Home.

These past few weeks I've been pruning our calendar, getting rid of all that's not absolutely necessary. I even bowed out of classes we already paid for & stopped piano lessons which my children loved, loved, loved. Apparently I haven't pruned enough, though, because we still don't have one full day at home on any given week! We have blocks of time at home but no days to live spontaneously and free....and it's getting to me. (Not to mention, when do I do housework??) Soccer, vision therapy, Bible study, homeschooling group, theater class & church are our weekly commitments intermingled with birthday parties, meetings, book club, get togethers with friends and nights out with the family.

So what's a girl to do? Stop going to church? Skip vision therapy because she won't die without it? Drop out of homeschooling activities because the kids don't need life experiences or friends? Only one child can participate in sports at any given time? None of those seem realistic.

I fully understand that I'm not the only one living this dilemma but I also know that many families are not burdened by calendar woes. Is it just my perception? Should I keep a log of how many hours we're home vs. hours away? Am I too pessimistic & choose to see the worst in every situation? our calendar really out of control?

If you have any words of wisdom, I'll gladly listen........

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