Friday, September 30, 2011

One of those spiral moments

I've had a lovely, lovely day filled with a morning of friends & happy, peaceful children but the past couple hours have been one distraction after another. You know what I'm talking about. This is what I just came through.....

After our friends leave & the lunch dishes are cleaned up, I decide to sit down for a few minutes and check my email. My oldest daughter has other plans for me, though. Before I sit down, could I please help her send an email with the raw date cookie recipe to her friend? Instead of writing it down, I plop beside her at the table & recite the directions.

About 2 lines in, the phone rings. It's a dear friend who I really want to talk with so I motion to Simone that I'll be just a minute. 5 minutes turns to 10 and she isn't happy about the delay but thankfully she finds something to occupy her time. While I'm talking, the other line rings 3 times but I lovingly ignore them all, making a mental note to listen to the messages & return calls as needed when I'm done.

One phone call turns to 2 to 3 to 4 and during that time, texts are rolling in. I finally take care of all my communication needs, glance at the soaking almonds awaiting to be made into almond milk and find my way to the cozy chair. What's happening on Facebook? Wouldn't I like to know. There sits my daughter with the laptop, anxiously waiting for me to help her finish the email. So....I do. Now, where was I?

The mail is here! In comes Z with all the junk he gathered from the box, throwing it at me one by one as he reads off the names. I suppose I should filter through this, huh? Naturally, the mail prompts a few more things to do including the admiration of my camera's new filters & a couple phone calls to the eye doctor & insurance company. After I hang up the final phone call, I give up on resting & tackle the almonds. You also realize that each of these phone calls is interrupted by 22 dire needs of the children, right?

And here I sit. The almond milk is straining into a jar and 3 beautiful children are playing outside. All I hear are faint giggles & the ticking of the clock.

Now....time to make dinner. But wait - the phone is ringing!

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