Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm baaaaack!

Apparently my blogging ambition has been hiding out but I'm determined to try this again!

Allow me to recap the last few months, in photos.....

Fairy hide out

Spring loveliness.

Simone, on the move.

Ezra, on the slide.


Silliness with friends.

Look, Ma, no training wheels!

A visit with Grammy.

Old kitchen.....

New kitchen!

Games, games, games. 

On a hike while camping.

Our sweet Theresa.

Millenium Park on a hot summer day.

Camp time!

Simone's first overnight camp.

Garden abundance.

Lots of outdoor time.

Boys will be boys.

Canned tomatoes and....

canned peaches.

Butterfly garden. 
Nothing like climbing trees.

Muddy little Kaiya feet.

Forging rivers.

Ezra & his bud.

Me & Z.

Simone's Ziggurat, which still stands!

Tractor ride at Menno Haven.

Arboretum dam building.

A girl and her frog.

Homemade fairy pies. Yum!

Our front yard fairy house....

and our backyard village.


Now that we're caught up on the past 4 months, I'll try to be better about visiting this special place.

With love,

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