Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dreary day apple crisp

The intention today was to go apple picking with friends but guess what? The orchard ran out of apples! I temporarily considered another orchard because the kids were uber excited but the weather called for rain & I wasn't prepared to drive a great distance only to get rained out SO.... we opted for the next best thing - apple picking in our neighbor's back yard. Yes, I phoned first.

Check out that vertical leap!

We only took home about 15 apples because the fruits were too high in the tree but we had a handful in our own refrigerator to supplement. Then we cooperatively set out to make our dreary day apple crisp! I used an recipe & doubled the topping, as suggested in a few of the reviews.

Ezra and Kaiya lovingly washed the apples.

After that dirty deed was complete, I grabbed my trusty paring knife to peel & slice.

After mixing the first 3 ingredients (I substituted xylitol for sugar).....

Simone carefully spread them across the apples.

She then added water, according to the recipe, but I would decrease it by half the next time.

The next five ingredients were gathered and I substituted whole cane sugar for brown sugar.

Ezra did the honors of mixing.

Kaiya then added melted butter. A great tip is to melt the butter in the
 pre-heating oven instead of using the microwave.

After the crumbles were well combined.....

Simone & Kaiya spread them over the sweet apples....with clean hands, of course.

In the oven it goes, at 350 for 45 minutes. *tick tock tick tock*

The table is set & our apple crisp is ready to be taste-tested!

Three thumbs up! Their faces are a bit irritated because I asked them
 to stop stuffing their faces & give me their verdict.

So, even though our day's events were side-tracked by an apple orchard without apples, we managed to pull it together & create some apple goodness of our own!


  1. this looks yummy! Kids have always so much fun baking... which reminds me.....