Monday, April 25, 2011

More connected

We did it! Last week was national Screen-Free Week & the EbyTribe joined the masses in unplugging technology. It's amazing what can be accomplished when screens are eliminated from life. Well, I should 'fess up that they weren't totally eliminated because I am a computer dependent mama. I had to check my email a couple times a day as it's my primary mode of communication. (I would've missed quite a few important messages including a doula client writing to hire me.) Also, our family calendar is on the Mac so I often had to power up to see what we had planned in the days ahead. Recipes, phone numbers, addresses, oh my.

All that being said, my screen time was drastically decreased & it felt good to be so productive & connected to life. That may sound cliche but it honestly felt that way.....more connected....which is what you'd expect people to say about being on the computer, right? Not so. I didn't miss any of the message boards and only had fleeting wonderings about what was happening on Facebook. We had our usual outside-the-house commitments (which are many) but while at  home, I cleaned, organized, read alone, read to the kids, cooked and just plain fiddled around the house. 

And the kids, they were amazing! On Monday morning I dragged out an old bin of big legos & wooden blocks & they played with them for hours. The final project was a "Museum of Everything" that included a dinosaur exhibit....

and animal exhibit.....


 and an art exhibit.....

They played inside & outside & alone & with each other. Z occasionally asked why he couldn't play the iTouch but refrained from begging when I reminded him of Screen-Free Week. This morning, they've already played computer games but turned it off independently & are roaming around the house, planning their day's events. 

And me? I've wasted quite a bit of time on the computer already this morning but I'm getting ready to power down & join my kids in a romp around the block with our rain boots on.......

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cabinets & pantries & jars, oh my!

I love opening my cabinets. That may sound odd but I enjoy seeing the jars & bags & cans of healthy foods staring back at me. Here's a sneak peek behind the doors of the Eby kitchen......

Spices along with various oils, tinctures, teas & sweeteners.
The main pantry which holds regularly used goods such as rice,
 dried beans, oats, coconut flakes, almonds, chia seeds, etc.
The big pantry holds more bulk beans & herbs & nut butters. On the bottom left is my
beloved syrup along with some baking supplies. (And the lollipops next to the juicer!)

What have we here? Small appliances, egg cartons to be returned to the farmer,
a big bag of granola on the bottom shelf....and super fun popcorn containers.

Down below is where I keep the buckets of wheat, buckwheat & oat groats.
And this is what I like to refer to as Door #1. ;)