Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a good life

Listening to music & having banana snacks

 Breakfast of champions!

Things got a little rowdy after breakfast so I instituted reading time....
which was well accepted.

After they regrouped, the EbyKids enjoyed a game of
Caves & Claws.

Well deserved computer time. I love when they work together!

After lunch & a few errands, Simone decided she wanted 
to do some math. Lucky girl, doing math on that cozy couch!

Simone also enjoyed a little piano playing.....

and she discovered some old National Geographics which kept her
occupied for quite some time.

Ezra loves doing math, too!

Mostly, he enjoys playing with the math blocks.

Kaiya's not a math girl but the iTouch is always fun!

And even on the coldest of days, when the sun comes out,
it's playtime!

Yep, it's a good life!


  1. You inspire me to homeschool. One day . . . maybe. hugs, your ¨cuz¨

  2. ...after dinner Kaiya nad I played chess, learned Scholar and Fool's mate, then off to bed to read those creepy Grimm's Fairy Tales lol

  3. Man - I wish I had been reading Calvin and Hobbes in school at that age.

  4. Yep, those are my old C&H books. :) I honestly don't think Simone understands all the humor & nuances but she LOVES to read them!