Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brewing it up!

I'm an alchemist in the kitchen rather than a chef. Food is not fun to me (sorry, mi familia) but I enjoy creating healthy medicinals from simple ingredients. Here's what's brewing in my kitchen, at I write....

Nourishing infusion of red clover


Raw milk kefir

Sprouts (just started last night so no action yet)

Elderberry syrup

Here are the brewing elderberries but
they're not quite ready....

There you have it.
Stephanie's Thursday morning brews!


  1. I should get the makings for some Elderberry syrup...we are battling the sickies at our house.
    And I'm finally getting into a good routine of making sprouts - it's so nice to always have them avaiable to throw on salads and sandwiches.

  2. I need you here. I need an alchemist. I love food and it's been hard to get back to my clean ways when I'm so focused on Elie. She gets great clean meals and I often short myself for lack of time or energy. Sort of a vicious circle. Your work in the kitchen today is inspiring and just plain cool!

  3. I'm just getting into sprouts, too, Hannah! Love, love, love to throw a handful in our morning smoothies. And if you need fresh elderberry syrup, I can bring some over!

    Jessica, I didn't do any of this when my kids were little. (I didn't do any of it before they were born either! These projects are evolutions over the last few years).'s unbelievable how easy it all is! I would say that everything pictured above took a total of 15 minutes (not including boiling & brewing times). You're so healthy, though....give yourself some breathing room. Food is healing!