Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spiderwebs, running & politics

After months of dormancy, I followed my urge to run. I laced up my shoes, swiped a spiderweb off the ceiling, sang Ezra a song & opened the door to breathe in the cold February air.

As I wound around to the river, my mind wandered helplessly through the political mess in my heart these days. Homeschooling & war, unions & breastfeeding, smart meters, homebirth, gay marriage & poverty. I simply wanted to greet the geese & soak up the sunshine but my neurotransmitters were firing fast & furious. All these seemingly unrelated issues were wreaking havoc on my existence! Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but they were definitely wreaking havoc on my run.


My unconditioned lungs now needed a rest so I slowed my pace, loosened my shoulders and nodded hello to a sweet couple passing by. And then I remembered the spiderweb. It reminded me of the crazy pathways my brain just visited and the intermingling of life & politics & ideals & distractions. How lovely.

Suddenly I wished I hadn't swiped that spiderweb away.

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