Thursday, February 24, 2011

Going vegan for a spell

Last night as I lay in bed wondering about the pain in my stomach that's been nagging for a couple weeks, I let my mind go to that scary place of "what if." After coming to terms with the fact that I may be dying (it was 1am so cut me some slack), I decided that I should immediately eliminate all animal products & focus on eating only those foods that grow from the ground. At last I was able to sleep, knowing that I would save myself with nutrition!

6am rolled around way too early but I awoke with a continued sense that I should cut out animal products. I've often thought I'd go vegan if I were to find out I had a terminal why wait? Now I'm not saying this is a permanent decision but I have to try it out. Kind of ironic since I've been living a WAPF (Weston A. Price Foundation) life for a while now. Fat is good! Animal fat is even better! Raw milk! Yogurt! Kefir! Farm fresh eggs! Grass-fed beef! I will still feed my family in this tradition but as for me, I'll just leave out the meat & dairy. 

Day one was surprisingly easy. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Same reason I cut out meat ten years ago. I just feel better. I did vegan for about a month in '09...meh. Not for me. Not necessary for me I should say. But no meat is definitely better for my gut. I did eventually add back white meat chicken and fish/seafood. But I can do without quite easily! Enjoy your meat cleanse! ;)

  2. Deep down, i think I'll end up where you are today, Jessica....modest amounts of lighter meats & some dairy. But if I don't try this out, I won't know what's best for me! And maybe, just maybe, I'll start feeling more in tune with my body. I'm terrible at that. If I feel amazing, though, there may be no going back.

  3. Did I send you this already? This is REALLY good....Kevin doesnt like any of the ingredients except cashews but loves this dish:

    I will go about 5 days with no dairy then I will eat pizza.....then go 5 more days and do it again :( Monday I am buckling down though, and Kevin is doing a Biggest Loser contest at work and is down with it too. Of course he wouldnt do the Skinny Bitch thing but the Engine 2 Diet he is all over. (Same vegan diet but for some reason it is acceptable to him written by a male firefighter/professional triathlete whereas Skinny Bitch didnt appeal to him at all). It is funny because the cheese I am ok without...but giving up the Kalona sour cream is the hard part!!