Saturday, February 26, 2011

On a lighter note....

Because I've been way too contemplative & serious these days, I thought I'd share some mundane details of my life....

I laughed hysterically when I heard this today ~ (click on link) Warthog on Eucalyptus

I attempted another run this morning but my body felt sooooo tired. I have a long way to go for the 10K in April. Sheesh.

Almonds have been soaked & are dehydrating, ready to eat without all those pesky enzyme inhibitors. 

I'm almost finished with Cutting for Stone. It's an excellent book but for some reason it's taking me weeks (months?) to finish! I'm sure it has something to do with all the other books I'm reading at the same time. A habit I can't get out of & don't wish to.

I love cats & if I had my camera handy, I'd take a picture our our sweet little one sleeping on my leg right now. Prrrrr. Well, she actually doesn't purr. Isn't that odd? 

I still have white lights hanging on the fireplace mantel & a small "winter tree" in the family room with ornaments of icicles & snowflakes. Even though I'm ready for spring just like the other 10 million people in the midwest, I love my cozy lights!

Why do fools fall in love? Why do birds sing so gay?


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Going vegan for a spell

Last night as I lay in bed wondering about the pain in my stomach that's been nagging for a couple weeks, I let my mind go to that scary place of "what if." After coming to terms with the fact that I may be dying (it was 1am so cut me some slack), I decided that I should immediately eliminate all animal products & focus on eating only those foods that grow from the ground. At last I was able to sleep, knowing that I would save myself with nutrition!

6am rolled around way too early but I awoke with a continued sense that I should cut out animal products. I've often thought I'd go vegan if I were to find out I had a terminal why wait? Now I'm not saying this is a permanent decision but I have to try it out. Kind of ironic since I've been living a WAPF (Weston A. Price Foundation) life for a while now. Fat is good! Animal fat is even better! Raw milk! Yogurt! Kefir! Farm fresh eggs! Grass-fed beef! I will still feed my family in this tradition but as for me, I'll just leave out the meat & dairy. 

Day one was surprisingly easy. I'll keep you posted.

The P-Word

Each morning I wake up to email updates & Facebook posts about homebirth legislation, smart meters and homeschool regulations. I've written letters, read statistics, called representatives, spoken at a city council meeting & engaged in numerous conversations about these issues. But somehow, at the end of the day, I still feel empty....and I'm quite sure I know why.

Even though I hold these issues very dear to my heart, they're not where I want my energies to flow. Not that these issues aren't worthy! I'm so very thankful for the countless women and men giving of themselves to legalize Certified Professional Midwives in Illinois, secure our freedoms to educate at home & protect public health & privacy. We all have our convictions, right?

A very big conviction of mine is something I don't even engage in. The P-word.....Poverty. I read about it, cry at stories in the media, worry about the excess in my own life, wonder if we're giving enough money to church & charity and dream about living in a "new monastic" community yet I continue to sit here in my comfortable suburban home, carting my kids to soccer & classes & friends' houses, planning vacations & going to church on Sunday. It just doesn't add up.

So where do I go from here? Hmmmm. Good question. And I pray.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ode to my Bro

Since time immemorial, my brother has been my friend.

As kids, we....
built forts, threw rocks in the creek, caught crayfish, rode bikes and made fun of each other.

As adults, we....
share silly stories about our kids, talk about the books we're reading, muddle through the woes of the world & make fun of each other.

He helps me view life through another set of eyes, feel different pains & laugh like a crazy woman. He can carry on a conversation like my best girlfriends (that's a compliment!) and listen with the most intense sincerity. He doesn't let me get away with anything, though. If there's a disagreement to be had, we'll have it. But in love.

Thanks, Bro.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stream of consciousness

raining dark & dreary but my children's voices fill the air with light light lightbulbs that are constantly burned out yes I'm burned out from cleaning everyday of my life but the only solution would be to get rid of everything so I don't have to clean it all the time hmmmmmm I think I'm onto something something must give give away all that we don't need all that we can live without all that clutters my mind because I really don't need more physical space as our house is big enough but mental space room to create & live without worrying about what we need to pick up & take care of take care yes I must take care not to get over-zealous in my decluttering cluttering space open wide arms awaiting spring so I can open the windows & hear the flapping of the sheets on the line & chirping of the birds in the trees trees so quiet in the winter so stark so gray

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spiderwebs, running & politics

After months of dormancy, I followed my urge to run. I laced up my shoes, swiped a spiderweb off the ceiling, sang Ezra a song & opened the door to breathe in the cold February air.

As I wound around to the river, my mind wandered helplessly through the political mess in my heart these days. Homeschooling & war, unions & breastfeeding, smart meters, homebirth, gay marriage & poverty. I simply wanted to greet the geese & soak up the sunshine but my neurotransmitters were firing fast & furious. All these seemingly unrelated issues were wreaking havoc on my existence! Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but they were definitely wreaking havoc on my run.


My unconditioned lungs now needed a rest so I slowed my pace, loosened my shoulders and nodded hello to a sweet couple passing by. And then I remembered the spiderweb. It reminded me of the crazy pathways my brain just visited and the intermingling of life & politics & ideals & distractions. How lovely.

Suddenly I wished I hadn't swiped that spiderweb away.

I need to write more.

I purposefully use the word "need" over "want" because writing is something my soul is truly craving. For years I journaled with pen & paper but nowadays that seems next to impossible. I'm a techno-junkie just like the rest of you & the lure of the keyboard is too strong.

So here I am. Let's see what happens within these virtual pages.....